Get a Frameless Glass Balustrade Solution in Auckland

Whether you want a frameless glass balustrade for the inside of your home or for an exterior feature like a balcony or decking, we can help at Frameless Glass. We have experience installing all types and size of frameless glass balustrade.

Our team can handle the entire process including designing the balustrade and manufacturing it to the highest possible standards. We’ll then professionally install your new balustrade so it’s ready for you to use and enjoy.

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Types of Frameless Glass Balustrade We Manufacture and Install

  • Side fixed channel
  • Top mounted channel
  • Stand-off step discs
  • Mini posts

In addition, channels can be fully concealed, or we offer powdered coated finishes. The glass itself can be clear or grey.

Reasons Why Glass Balustrades Are So Popular in NZ

  • Space – creates the illusion of space which is particularly beneficial inside, such as on stairs
  • Light – unlike other types of balustrade, glass balustrades don't block light. This is beneficial both indoors and outdoors. Indoors, glass balustrades allow more light into poorly lit locations. Outdoors, a frameless glass balustrade will give you uninterrupted views.
  • Modern – many people also like glass balustrades because they are a very modern design feature
  • Timeless – while its modern, frameless glass balustrades are also timeless, so will still look as relevant in years and decades to come as they do today
  • Clean – glass balustrades are also easy to keep clean
  • Strong and safe –the glass used in glass balustrades is toughened, so it’s almost as strong as steel. As a result, glass balustrades rarely break and even when they do, the glass fragments the breakage creates are not sharp
  • Durable – glass ages slowly and doesn't corrode, making frameless glass balustrades one of the most durable and long-lasting options available
  • Low maintenance – glass balustrades require little, if any, maintenance – except cleaning
  • Appearance – glass works well with almost any other type or style of decor including wood, stone, and metal
  • Design versatility – following on from the above, your frameless glass balustrade will still look great when you change the decor or other features in your home
  • Attractive – while other types of balustrade look good, it’s hard to beat the elegant and sophisticated appearance of glass
  • Fast – glass balustrades are quick to install
  • Eco-friendly – glass is an environmentally-friendly material
  • Unique and luxurious – while glass balustrades are popular in NZ, they are not as common as other types of balustrades. This uniqueness enhances the balustrade’s luxuriousness.

Reasons to Choose Us at Frameless Glass

  • Experts in manufacturing specialist and bespoke glass features, including glass balustrades
  • Experience working on both residential and commercial projects
  • Excellent design skills
  • Modern manufacturing methods to ensure the best possible result
  • Our teams work to the highest possible standards, ensuring excellent workmanship
  • We are reliable and will complete your balustrade according to your timescale
  • High standards of customer service, both pre and post-installation
  • Competitive prices with no reduction in quality

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