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Custom Wall and Bathroom Mirrors in Auckland

Are you looking for new bathroom mirrors for your home or business? Do you want to get a custom designed mirror to ensure it matches your décor and available space? Do you want a mirror that will make a statement and that will create a focal point in your home/room? Do you want to make your room or inside space look bigger?

If you answered yes to any of these questions, you should contact us at Frameless Glass. We are industry-leading glass designers and manufactures in Auckland with extensive experience. This includes experience designing, manufacturing, and installing wall mirrors, floor-to-ceiling mirrors, bathroom mirrors, and more.

To find out more, please contact us today.

Comprehensive Range of Mirror Solutions

  • Bathroom mirrors
  • Full-length mirrors
  • Feature mirrors for any room in your house
  • Bevelled edge mirrors
  • Round mirrors
  • Mirrors in any regular or irregular shape
  • Mirrored doors
  • Wall hung mirrors or mirrors inserted into frames

We also offer a full mirror installation service in addition to designing and manufacturing your mirror.

In addition, wehave experience providing commercial mirror solutions too. This includes full-length mirrors in gyms, dance studios, fitting rooms, changing rooms, and more. Speak to our member of our team today about your commercial mirror requirements.

Benefits of Adding CustomMirrors to Your Home

  • Makes rooms and inside spaces appear bigger
  • Maximises light in the room, particularly if themirror is strategically located and designed for maximum effect. In fact, mirrors can even reduce your energy bills as you will have less need for artificial light.
  • You can create a feature – or focal point –in a room using a mirror
  • Bespoke mirrors can also make a design statement
  • You can get a mirror design that will accentuate the interior design of your room, whatever your current décor
  • Mirrors also serve a functional purpose, particularly in bathrooms and bedrooms. This is often just as important as the appearance of the mirror.

Benefits of Custom Mirror Design

  • You’ll get a mirror manufactured to the exact specification you need, with specific measurements and sizes
  • It’s possible to create unique shapes
  • You can use a mounting option that best suits the room/space
  • Custom edges, whichare common on bespoke mirrors, create a unique design that becomes a feature in the room
  • You have the option of using coloured glass to match or enhance your decor

Tips for Getting the Perfect Mirror for Your Home

  • Consider the practical use of your mirror, i.e. will you be able to see yourself properly
  • Consider the reflection the mirror will make. For example, will the mirror reflect something that is unattractive, or will it bring too much direct sunlight into the room, blinding you?
  • Go big. Mirrors create the illusion of space, with bigger mirrors being the most effective
  • Place the mirror at the right height for the space
  • Consider the style of your home or the space where the mirror will be hung
  • Make sure the mirror is professionally hung

Here’s a bonus tip: make sure you use a skilled and experience custom wall and bathroom mirror manufacturer – like us at Frameless Glass. Call today on 0800 4 FRAMELESS.