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Glass Pool Fence Solutions in Auckland

Glass is one of the most desirable and effective materials for creating a pool fence. Glass fences look fantastic, they give your pool area an enviable open feel, and they are highly secure – something which is particularly important if you have children or pets.

At Frameless Glass, we specialise in designing, manufacturing, and installing bespoke glass solutions. This includes glass swimming pool fences.

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The Glass Pool Fence Design, Manufacture, and Installation Process

From the start of the process, we’ll make sure you get the right design of fence for your pool and pool area. In addition, we offer a range of frameless fixing options to enhance the appearance of your pool fence without reducing its strength and security.

The fixing options available includemini posts, top mounted channels, and side fixed channels. Don’t worry if you don’t know what these mean as our friendly and helpful designer will explain each option to help you decide which one to choose.

We also manufacture our pool fences in-house, ensuring we stay in control of the quality of the fence throughout the entire process.

Finally, our installation team will professionally install your new pool fence, making sure it is perfect before they leave.

Benefits of Choosing Frameless Glass for Your Pool Fence

  • Makes your pool safer and more secure, something which is particularly important if you have children or pets
  • The glass we use is toughened glass which is extremely strong and sturdy. It is very unlikely to break as it is almost as strong as steel. In fact, you could drop concrete on the glass we use in our pool fences and it wouldn't break. This means a glass pool fence can easily take an impact from a child or adult running or bumping into it.
  • The smooth surface of glass is difficult for children to climb, increasing the safety advantages of glass pool fencing even further
  • Glass pool fences don’t block out any light
  • A glass pool fence also provides unobstructed views from the pool area out, improving your enjoyment
  • You will also have unobstructed views from outside the pool area in, improving safety even further as you are able to monitor what is happening inside
  • Glass creates an attractive, modern look that is also timeless
  • It’s also luxurious, making your pool look more like something from a 5-star resort than a residential home in Auckland
  • Glass is also easy to keep clean
  • In fact, the whole fencewill require minimal, if any, maintenance
  • Glass doesn't corrode and frameless glass pool fences are generally highly durable
  • There are flexible design options available making glass pool fencing suitable for any type of pool
  • A glass pool fence is an excellent wind breaker, so makes your pool even more enjoyable to use, especially on those days when there is a cold breeze blowing
  • Our glass pool fences meet all relevant safety standards in New Zealand

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